Friday, November 1, 2013

Currently reading: Android Application Security Essentials

I wouldn't ordinarily do this, but I am currently reading Android Application Security Essentials by Pragati Ogal Rai and published by PackT Publishing.

(you can check out the book here:

Seeing as how more and more people are moving the mobile devices (smartphone and tablets) not just as a secondary device but sometimes a primary device, security applications on these devices becomes more and more important.  This book aims to address it.  I am still reading it, but what I've read it pretty good.  Even if your focus is not application development, this will help your understanding of Android security.

Once complete, I hope to do a full review here.  In the meantime, check out the publishers other works.  I've seen several that have caught my eye.

The new version of Android- 4.4 Kit Kat

By now, I think most people know that the new version of Android is 4.4, and is called "Kit Kat".  Yes, the candy.  Most people thought the next version would be 5.0 and that it would be called "Key Lime Pie".  For those not aware, major versions of Android have been named after deserts, and in alphabetic order.  The next letter would be "K", and the rumors was it would be "Key Lime Pie".

Now that Google has released it, we now more about it.  It seems we don't have a lot of new flashy features, but more fundamental improvements.