Monday, July 25, 2016

SFISSA 2016 Hack the Flag/Chili Cookoff UPDATE

The South Florida ISSA Chapter is again our annual Hack the Flag/Chili Cookoff in 2016.  This is looking to be our biggest ever.

New location.

New stuff,

Want to be a part of it???  Register TODAY!!!  Go HERE to register.  Want to be a sponsor?? Let us know!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Intel meets Arduino: Galileo, Edison, Curie

When I was getting into computers, we had a variety of companies making different microprocessors.  There was Intel, Zilog, Sun, IBM, Motorola, MOS Technology, National Semiconductor, TI, Acorn, HP, and several others.

It seemed that in the home market, at that time made up of Apple, Atari, and Commodore (and a few others), most chips were derived from the Motorola 6800.  (the 6502 was a derivative of the 6800).  So these were called the "6ers".  Their next generation systems were all based on the Motorola 68000 processor and successors.

In the business market, most were first based on the Zilog Z80 (the CP/M machines), later supplanted by the Intel 8088 and follow-on chips.  So these were called the "8ers".

Within the Unix workstation world, most started with the more powerful Motorola 68000 before going with a variety of RISC-based processors (Sun SPARC, HP PA-RISC, IBM PowerRISC, etc).

Eventually things shook out, and Intel and Intel-based processors came to dominate pretty much all of the desktop and laptop market and most of the server market (for Windows Servers and Linux Servers).  Intel has won out.  (please note this is a very simplified version of history)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Upcoming Security Events (I plan to be at) in 2016

Well, there are several upcoming events I hope to be involved within the coming months.  Several of these I hope to have further postings to promote them, but here is a quick run down.