Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Security BSides Orlando 2014

This past weekend I attended the Security BSides Orlando conference.  I have heard of these conferences held around the country, but it was my first time attending any.

For those not aware, Security BSides Conferences are community lead and organized conferences.  They are intended to be a way for the information security community to be able to come together and share ideas in a more informal setting, often at a very low cost to the attendees.  A model or framework has been set down in which people can setup their own conferences.  You can read more about this HERE.

Here in Florida we have had 2 in Orlando, one in Tampa Bay, and one coming up in Jacksonville.  Would love to see one in South Florida.  (hint hint)

I have had experience with other security conferences (Hacker Halted, South Florida ISSA and South Florida ISACA, HackMiami).  I would say it was more similar to HackMiami's conference in terms of being more low key then what I've seen with the others, but also a lot cheaper then HackMiami's.

There were 2 tracks of speakers, with another on Saturday of more class type sessions.  There was also a small vendor room that had a few of the sponsors, as well as a "lockpick village" to try out lock picking, and a Maker Lab (FemiLab from central Florida) in attendance.  Also in the room they had a CTF event going on as well all weekend.  This was also rounded out with a party on Saturday night.

Overall, a good event.  Look forward to next year's event.  I hope to submit a proposal for a talk as well.

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