Monday, April 13, 2015

Resources for the NIST CSF

At the recent Security BSides Orlando conference, I gave a talk on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF).

As an aide to that talk, here are a collection of resources on the CSF.


Here is NIST's page on the CSF.

This page has the Executive Order that started it off, a PDF of the CSF itself, and the report that came out after the last workshop post release.

There are other resources here as well (check out the Industrial Resources area), as I hope we see more then over time.

For all the NIST Special Publications 800 series, *which is separate*, go HERE.

Other Resources

Some other items I mentioned.

The report of the recent White House Summit on Cybersecurity is HERE.

Intel's report can be found HERE.

For resources from ISACA, go HERE.  They put out COBIT 5 (free for members, otherwise you'll need to pay), they have the only book (so far) on the NIST CSF in their bookstore.  Their upcoming CSX Conference in October of 2015 will probably have stuff devoted to the CSF, considering they have 5 tracks that match the 5 Functions within the Core.  AND they just released a new set of cybersecurity certifications that tie in a little with it.

For resources from SANS, go HERE.  You can get the Critical Security Controls here (FREE PDF).  The poster I handed out was their Critical Security Controls poster from the Fall of 2014.  You can get a PDF of it there as well.

There is forum on it HERE that I wish was more active.

I will be adding more resources to this page over time.  Let me know of others you discover.

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