Saturday, May 16, 2015

Resources for the Internet of Things Security

At the HackMiami Conference  on May 16, 2015, I did a presentation on an Introduction to Internet of Things Security.  The presentation is now up on YouTube.  I have the link below.

As a tie-in to the presentation, I am providing here links to the various resources that I covered in the presentation, along with others I didn't have the time to.  If you come across other items of interest, please add them to the comments.

Articles of interest:

IEEE Spectrum: How to build a safer IoT
PC World: Internet of Things Security Check
Symantec: How safe is your quantified self?     (wearables, sports bands)
ComputerWorld: Researchers hijack teleoperated surgical robot
Vibrators of the future are here
Wired: Google say Internet of Things' Smarts will save Energy
Network World: Beware the ticking Internet of Things security time bomb
TechTarget: IoT Security a hurdle
TechTarget: Securing the Internet of Things

Products:             (ones I mentioned, no attempt to be exhaustive)

GE Link
Amazon Echo
Amazon Dash button


HP Internet of Things Research Report 2014
Symantec: How Safe is your Quantified Self?
CSA Security Guidance for Early Adopters of IoT
Markey Report- Tracking & Hacking: Security and Privacy Gaps put American Drivers at Risk
NSTAC Report to the President on IoT   DRAFT
Veracode White Paper Internet of Things Pose Cybersecurity Threat
ISACA: Internet of Things: Risk and Values Considerations
Verizon: State of the Market Internet of Things 2015


Arduino     Teensy
Raspberry Pi
Intel Galileo, Intel Edison,   Intel Curie
     Yocto Linux

CHIP ($9 SBC) (article on Make)      Kickstarter Campaign 

Security "uses" of these boards:
Arduino-   Hotel door opener     Round Two
                 Wireless Keylogger
                 Card Access Systems
                 RFID Hacking
                 Wireless Presenters
                 Combo Breaker

SBC-   OnionPi    Tor
            Kali Linux                (source for Kali images for RPi & BBB)

Other items:

OWASP Internet of Things Top 10 Project

SANS Securing the Internet of Things Summit

Secure Internet of Things Project at Stanford.

FTC Report on IoT Security from their workshop:  Press Release on it.

Video of the presentation:

Local Groups:

Makers Square, Ft Lauderdale
The LAB Miami
HackLab North Boynton (hacklabnobo)

Sources:                (ALSO great resources for instructions, how-to's, tutorials, etc.)

Maker Shed


Raspberry Pi Geek

(note: I do not have all these volumes yet, so some I recommend only because of content)

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