Friday, February 2, 2018

Upcoming Conferences in early 2018

There are several local security conferences coming up in my general area, some of which I'll be speaking at.

Here are the ones over the next few months:

* SecureMiami 2018, co-located with BrewMiami.  Organized by DigitalEra, this is the second time for this half day event at the main campus of Florida International University.  Held on Saturday, February 10th.  Registration is open NOW and I encourage people to attend.

* ISACA South Florida Chapter's 11th WOW Event is coming up on Friday, February 16th at FIU's Biscayne Bay campus.  The theme: The InfoSec of Things: Emerging issues in Privacy and Security, and have great lineup of speakers.  So register NOW.

* BSides Tampa 2018 is coming up Saturday, February 17th again at Stetson Law in Tampa.  I will be speaking here on the topic of "SOC for Cybersecurity".  I think they are sold out, but check anyway.

* BSides Orlando 2018 is coming up on Saturday, April 7th.  Location this year will be Full Sail Live Venue in Winter Park.  CFP is open, and I've submitted some proposals, and registration is open NOW.

* HackMiamiCon6 is coming up May 18-20.  This year they will be at Sea Coast Suites in Miami Beach.  I will be speaking there on protecting your organization with resilience and disaster recovery.  Registration is open NOW.

So, there are more coming down the road.  Stuff in the summer and stuff coming up in the Fall, especially in October do to Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Check back for more.  I will be doing postings reporting on these events after they are done.

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