Friday, April 22, 2016

New in the Internet of Things

While I await my CHIP to arrive, I thought I'd note some of the other new items that have popped up in the last few months in terms of new boards for IoT.  I think most should be aware of these, but some may not be aware of all of these.


Well, first off I visited the Arduino page.  I found a few new things.   First off, they use the name Arduino in the US, while Genuino is used outside the US.

They have a great summary chart on their products page that shows what is what in terms of entry level, enhanced, etc.

And there are a few new boards.

First up is the Arduino 101, which makes use of Intel's new Curie SoC that I had noted in my IoT presentation last year at HackMiami.  This may be the only available use of it so far.  This small button-sized SoC sounds real interesting, and you can make use of it in this $30 board.


Next up is the Arduino MKR1000, which is a small board/module that combines the power of the 32bit Zero with a WiFi shield in a small form.  Sounds interesting.

Raspberry Pi                  

Several new things in the realm of RPi.  I think most have heard of these by now.

Raspberry Pi Zero

The Zero is a $5 version of the RPi.  They pulled this off by stripping off components.  You get an HDMI connector and 2 USB ports.  You have to add in a 40 pin connector strip.  While it may be foolish to try to use the Zero as a replacement for the 2 or 3, the cost may allow people to use the more powerful Zero in unique situations.

Raspberry Pi 3- Model B

Going the other direction is the new RPi 3, which is only available in the large "Model B" version.  This one takes the RPi 2-B further, while staying at the same cost as the 2-B.  A more powerful processor, plus built in WiFi and Bluetooth.

Raspberry Pi Touchscreen

An additional RPi product from the Foundation is a 7in touchscreen.  This connects to the DSI connector on the boards, so you don't have to use up other connectors.


Well, there is a new version of the BeagleBone Black:  the SeeedStudio Beaglebone Green.  Built by SeeedStudio with BeagleBoard, it takes the basic BBB design and adds in 2 Grove connectors.  Sounds like an interesting extension.

Well, that's it.  I don't see anything else new out there .  If you know of others, post them in the comments.

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