Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Security BSides Tampa Report

On Saturday, April 16th, the third Security BSides Tampa was held.  This year it was hosted at Stetson College of Law- Tampa Campus.  This was the third year of this event, but my first time attending.  I also gave a talk.  They had 3 keynotes, about 15 speakers broken up over 3-4 tracks, and in addition had a Maker/Hacker Space, capture the flag event, lockpick village, and vendor space.

My talk was on the "NIST Cybersecurity Framework at Two Years".  The CSF was rolled out 2 years ago, and we've seen a lot of action with it.  Most recently NIST had a Call For Information on how it was being used, and a couple of weeks prior to the conference there was a 2 day workshop at NIST headquarters on the results.  I was fortunate to be able to attend, and what I learned there was rolled into my presentation.  See my previous posting on this for my preliminary report.

As noted, this was my first time attending, so it was interesting to compare this with BSides Orlando which I've been to for 3 year, HackMiami which I've been to since it started 3 years ago, and the many South Florida ISSA Conferences I've attended.  This BSides has been organized by the ISC(2) Chapter in Tampa Bay, which is a little different from how most BSides are organized as I understand it.  In some ways, this serves as the chapter's annual conference.

Overall I thought it a good conference.  It was well attended, almost too well for the space they were in.  In chatting with some of the organizers, it sounds like they will probably be at a different location next year, hopefully at the nearby University of Tampa campus and most likely holding it in February.  Will see if I can attend again.  I am actually working on 2-3 new talk proposals for use in the coming year.

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