Saturday, June 25, 2016

C.H.I.P. unboxing

Hopefully most are aware of C.H.I.P., the interesting $9 micro computer from the Next Thing Company.  They launched this with a Kickstarter campaign and have been shipping them out this month.

I finally got mine and took some pictures.

For those not aware, CHIP has a 1Ghz single core Cortex-A8 processor, built in WiFi & Bluetooth, 4GB storage and 512MB RAM.  To keep cost low, video was pushed off on 2 boards that are plugged into CHIP: one for VGA, the other for HTML.  The board has just a USB, micro-USB, power, and composite video/audio.  And pre-installed Debian Linux.

I had gotten the CHIP, along with the 2 video boards, as well as the interesting PockerCHIP, which came with its own CHIP.  Also got the battery for CHIP.

The PocketCHIP turns the CHIP into a handheld computer, with a small touchscreen display and keyboard.  It also has a system called PICO-8 with small video games.  Need to plug in speakers or headphones for sound.

So on with the unboxing;
Everything received

Back of CHIP

Front of CHIP, with cover in place

CHIP showing USB connectors and composite

CHIP showing battery connector

Back of PocketCHIP box

PocketCHIP front.

Back of PocketCHIP, can see CHIP and battery

Another view of back

Another view of back

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