Friday, April 3, 2015

SFISSA's 2015 Anniversary Party/Hack the Flag event

The South Florida Chapter of ISSA is celebrating their 15th Anniversary this year.

Every year an event they put on is the Hack the Flag/Chili Cookoff.  At this event, they usually have 2 "hack the flag" events, one for beginners and another advanced.  The advanced game had been done by our local friends at Kommand && KonTroll CTF (part of HackMiami).

The chili cookoff is just a fun side activity, mainly for those not interested in the game.

Last year we added a "lockpick village", and hope to have it again.

In recent years we've picked a theme, and used this to tie in our decorating, t-shirts (something we started a few years ago as well), and food & drink.  So far we've done russian hackers, brazilian, pirates, and this year chinese/korean hackers (due to the recent "state supported hacking" from those regions).

As noted, SFISSA is celebrating their 15th Anniversary, so is expanding this event to include this celebration.  We hope to have more fun stuff for the whole family, recognition for our past Presidents, among other things.

We are looking for sponsors!!!  Sponsors get their logo on the back of the t-shirt and get to display at the event.

Registration is already open on Eventbrite.

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