Monday, May 6, 2013

BYOD will become a requirement by 2017

For those keeping an eye on the whole BYOD/MDM field, there is a new study from Gartner that says that by 2017, half the companies of the world will have a BYOD policy and will NOT provide such devices to their employees.

HERE is a link to an article at CIO Magazine on that.  THIS article at CIO Magazine also covers it.  THIS article at ZDNet has even more info on the report.

Also, per the report, 15 percent will never used BYOD, while 40 percent will offer a choice between corporate provided or employee provided devices.

This, to me, means that dealing with BYOD and MDM becomes that much important in the years to come.

As to the original report, I can't find a free copy of it on-line.  HERE is Gartner's press release on it, and link to the report, which must be paid for.

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