Friday, May 17, 2013

Raspberry Pi as PenTest tool

I've previously mentioned the Rasberry Pi, the cool credit-card sized Linux computer that is very inexpensive, and can be easily attached to a monitor and keyboard.

Well, I came across this interesting posting at InfoSec Institute resources on using the Rasberry Pi as a Pentest system.

It looks pretty interesting.  There are already setup distributions you can download to a SD card that has all the Linux tools you'd need already setup.  The author shows 3 different distributions available.

I'd love to see some followup on how something like this works in comparison to a regular laptop.  Certainly in terms of cost, I think would could put together a Rasberry Pi system with a small display and keyboard for less then $300.

The author has several prior articles on using small devices like smartphones, Arduino, Android MiniPCs and more as pentest platforms.  This is good and bad, as in the wrong hands these could be a problem.

Thinking further, could one network several Rasberry Pis into some kind of parallel system that would be more powerful?

Please comment on this posting if you'd tried this out.


  1. I made a pentest device with a raspberry pi

  2. I would like to know what it all took to build a system like above.Could you put a parts list and a how to guide?