Friday, May 3, 2013

Security of the Internet of Things

Have you heard about the "Internet of Things"?

I have, thanks to trying to keep up with the whole Maker/DYI area, especially with things like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoards, and the like.

The whole idea, from a techie standpoint is pretty cool.  All these little devices able to communicate with each other and to other devices like computers and the like, usually wirelessly (WiFi or IR or Bluetooth).  Neat.

But what about security?  Has anyone thought about that?

Everyone gets excited by the possibilities, but sometimes forgets about that.  Even me.  The whole thing seems cool and exciting, and security was furthest from my mind.

But it looks like others aren't ignoring that.  In my research into MDM vendors, I came across one vendor that has a broader focus then just mobile devices to include the "Internet of Things":  Mocana.  This is not an endorsement of them, but I find it interesting that they do have stuff covering the Internet of Things as well as mobile devices.  Am still looking over what they have, but others may also benefit by taking a look at their blog, their webinars, and reports in this area.

There are several book at Amazon on the Internet of Things.  The only one I have is the one from O'Reilly/Make:

Check it out. 

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