Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tablets are doomed. Whine, whine, whine.

Ok, this posting is a little off the topic of security, but just wanted to comment on it.

First, we get THIS announcement by Blackberry CEO that tablets are doomed, they have no future.  I guess since RIM/Blackberry failed with there take on a tablet, that makes them an expert on this.

Then we get THIS from Microsoft Chair Bill Gates that iPad users REALLY want is a MS Surface, cause you need a keyboard and office suite to do 'real' stuff.  I guess since sales of MS Surface are super great, he's right.

Frankly, I think both are wrong.

There is no way of knowing the future of tablets.  You can't predict these things.  I'm still waiting for my jetpack I was promised for the 21st Century.  And my flying car.

And Gates is off.  Many people who use tables don't care about the lack of a keyboard or an office suite (which here means MS Office, forgetting that tablets can easily access suites like Google Apps, etc.).  And if you need a keyboard with a tablet, that can be done via a bluetooth keyboard.  Motorola Mobility offers one that can used with their tablet and I'm sure others.  But most tablet users (myself included) would rather use a REAL PC with a REAL keyboard when they want to do work that requires extensive typing and such.

Now back to security.

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