Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Google Glass security

I think for any IT person, you have probably heard about Google Glass, Google's latest hi-tech gadget.

Not yet on the market, its now out in the hands of several, for lack of a better term, beta testers.  (heck, considering who I worked for, I had hoped that group I was in might be able to test it out as well, and I might be able to try it out.  Won't happen now.) 

I've seen a lot of articles on Glass, how useful it will (or won't) be.  I've even seen stuff on Glass 'etiquette'.  (hey, you're basically strapping a video camera to your face!)

What I haven't seen much about is security.  Why should I not be surprised?

But I knew that some would be concerned, it just hasn't hit the level of viewing by the average person.

Symantec has a nice article on-line HERE on some security implications and concerns.  And it looks like a security research has gotten his hands on one and found some issues, as reported at his blog HERE.  A Google search shows that others also have concerns.

I can only hope that some of these issues will be hashed out and improvements will be made before Glass goes on sale to the general public.  But considering how Google has not done some things that could have made Android more security, I'm not so certain.

Time will tell.

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