Friday, May 17, 2013

Cybercriminals steal $45 million from ATMs: UPDATE 2

Another update posting on the recent cybercrime of $45 million stolen from 2 banks in the Middle East via pre-paid debt cards.

My first posting is HERE, the first update is HERE.

Another article I stumbled upon is HERE.

Per this article, the individual killed in the Dominican Republic (named in this one) is said to be the "mastermind" of the whole thing, not just of the US Cell.  Its claimed it was due to a dispute among rival gangs over the dispursement of the haul.  Still not sure if this means he's the overall mastermind, but does seem to indicate that he was killed by others within the overall scheme.

The article also reports that German authorities have arrested two Dutch nationals in connection with this crime.  It sounds like they were part of the large group hitting the ATM systems, so who knows were this will lead.

Again, as I see more will pass it allow.  You can help by adding comments about this matter.

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